He Lives to Run

In the latest James Bond film, a blend of sport and art created by Frenchman Sébastien Foucan upstaged the MI6. The opening sequence of Casino Royale was its most gripping, featuring Daniel Craig’s death-defying pursuit of Foucan as he leapt like a jaguar between buildings, danced across scaffolding, and consistently eluded the buff-but-less-agile 007, hundreds of feet in the air. Continue reading He Lives to Run

Yellowcard at the Greek: A Day-After Show Review

Somewhere in the miasma of 2000s pop-punk, Jacksonville’s Yellowcardshot to fame. When the band played UC Berkeley on Saturday, it showed it has no intention of dismounting the rocket. With a combination of anthemic lyrics, a charismatic frontman, and a violinist(!) who is more like a stealth secret weapon, Yellowcard delighted its small audience of mostly Asian Cal students. Continue reading Yellowcard at the Greek: A Day-After Show Review

What Causes Autism?

Image via SpectrumNews.org Autism’s sinister attack on children that start out appearing healthy, even precocious, is one of the most devastating trials a parent can endure. Fluent speech degenerates to monosyllables. Creative play becomes hand-flapping and repeated purposeless motion. Children react with the same indifference to strangers and loving parents. Continue reading What Causes Autism?

Race May Color Heart Doctors’ Choices

Image via EverydayHealth.com When you roll into the ER with crushing chest pain, does your skin color determine the care you get? A new study in this week’s Journal of the American Medical Association suggests it very well might, though experts continue to be at odds over the impact of race in heart disease treatment. Continue reading Race May Color Heart Doctors’ Choices