Obamacare, Louis Vuitton, and a Crisis of Marketing

One of the saddest outcomes of the Republican moves against the Affordable Care act was that revelation that many ACA enrollees didn’t know Obamacare was the same thing. Patients tweeted things like “Down with Obamacare! I’m on an Affordable Care Act plan!” The same patients may well have voted for the current president and for anti-ACA Republicans, not realizing that they themselves would lose their health insurance. How did this branding mishap happen, in a world where everyone knows that Luxottica makes every single pair of machine-made sunglasses in the country and Lancome mascara comes from the L’Oreal people? The … Continue reading Obamacare, Louis Vuitton, and a Crisis of Marketing

Goodreads review: When Breath Becomes Air

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi My rating: 5 of 5 stars An incredible achievement for someone ravaged by grief, pain, illness, and loneliness; Kalanithi manages to leave us with a cautionary tale against taking life for granted; against cookie-cutter, quickie medicine; and against physician burnout (seen in his own resident doctor). A neurosurgeon is such a unique personality. When two millimeters mean a miracle or malpractice, you don’t express your depth with passionate phrases and laying your soul bare. You do so in the careful, measured tones of someone who knows how to tell someone her 2-year-old didn’t … Continue reading Goodreads review: When Breath Becomes Air