What Causes Autism?

20151201WhatIsAutism-844-2Image via SpectrumNews.org

Autism’s┬ásinister attack on children that start out appearing healthy, even precocious, is one of the most devastating trials a parent can endure. Fluent speech degenerates to monosyllables. Creative play becomes hand-flapping and repeated purposeless motion. Children react with the same indifference to strangers and loving parents.

New Stem Cell Breakthrough Avoids Destroying Human Embryos

Stem cell researchers may have taken the first steps toward conducting stem cell research without having to take the controversial step of destroying human embryos. If the results can be replicated in human cells, the development could one day silence the arguments of those opposed to embryonic stem cell research on the basis that it violates the sanctity of human life.

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Race May Color Heart Doctors’ Choices

When you roll into the ER with crushing chest pain, does your skin color determine the care you get? A new study in this week’s Journal of the American Medical Association suggests it very well might, though experts continue to be at odds over the impact of race in heart disease treatment.

Breast Cancer: Small Families, Silent Genes

When you’re filling out your family history at a new doctor’s office, you probably list things like your dad’s heart attack and your grandmother’s stroke. It’s a wise move, considering that family history plays a big part in your risk for certain diseases. But now medical genetics experts are asking: What about the relatives you never had?