How to Know When to Go to the ER vs. Urgent Care


In this era of Dr. Google and rampant self-diagnosis, it’s becoming increasingly more confusing about where you should go when you’re injured or feeling sick — should you call your primary care doctor, visit an urgent care center or head straight to the ER? Often, the answer to that question isn’t always so black and white. Here are some tips to choose the right place to go, should you fall ill or be injured.

How to Grow a Smarter Child


Blame “The Big Bang Theory” or Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth if you want, but it’s become cool to be smart. Popular culture and scientific revelations about how the brain develops in babies and children has fueled a surging interest in shaping children into smarter, more competent adults. Here are six research-backed methods of accomplishing just that.

10 Ways to Spot Someone Who Is Lying


If you look closely enough, you can tell when most people are lying. The concept of body language changing during a lie spawned an entire television show, “Lie to Me.” Even “Bachelorette” winner Jordan Rodgers has faced scrutiny for his lack of eye contact with his damsel while proclaiming his devotion.

The 5 TV Medical Myths That Drive Real-Life Doctors Crazy


Medicine seeps into television shows of all kinds: Hospital dramas, crime procedurals and even supernatural series rely on the dramatic device of illness or injury to create suspense.

But the real-life doctors who advise Hollywood on medical matters prefer that you don’t bring expectations for fictional care into real-world emergency rooms.