A Farm Story: From Missile Defense to Sorghum Cocktails


Valerie Seymour, had already notched one career pivot, from engineering for the defense industry to designing clean energy systems, when a chance encounter with a landscape designer led to another venture.

Name Dropping


Recently, I ventured into a Mendocino Farms restaurant to pick up a takeout lunch. I had called in my order under my “restaurant name”—Monica. After a quarter-lifetime of spelling out my given name to people I might never see again, I stopped wasting time and chose an alter ego that most everyone knew how to pronounce and spell.

To me, any name sounds sweeter than my own.

He Has Chemistry


Ted McGuire often fantasized about inventing a great construction toy, the next Lego, if you will. But after earning his product design degree, he went to work at Adobe Systems, unaware that his mother was laying the foundation for Ted’s dream to come true.