He Lives to Run


In the latest James Bond film, a blend of sport and art created by Frenchman Sébastien Foucan upstaged the MI6. The opening sequence of Casino Royale was its most gripping, featuring Daniel Craig’s death-defying pursuit of Foucan as he leapt like a jaguar between buildings, danced across scaffolding, and consistently eluded the buff-but-less-agile 007, hundreds of feet in the air.

Dancing with the Stars Face off Episode – Who Got Voted Off?


Dancing With the Stars’ FaceOff episode featured the couples in battles — performing to different songs, but the same dance style — and the winner of each was declared safe for the next round.

The episode could have been a little off-kilter with the absence of Erin Andrews (due to a death in the family of her boyfriend), and the show was shortened due to the presidential debate, but those DWTS pros rose to the occasion.

He Has Chemistry


Ted McGuire often fantasized about inventing a great construction toy, the next Lego, if you will. But after earning his product design degree, he went to work at Adobe Systems, unaware that his mother was laying the foundation for Ted’s dream to come true.

The Joke’s on Us


With a growing number of Asian Americans on comedy circuits, it’s not uncommon to hear jokes about penny-pinching Chinese or irate Indian parents who give their kids the beat down. Many Asian American comedians will boldly poke fun at their own cultures, and everyone from friends to mothers is fair game.

This article nominated for a New America Media Award and SoCal Journalism Award.

Swing your partner


The Hacienda Hotel doesn’t look like much from the outside – just another reasonably priced hotel near LAX. But what most drivers stopped at the traffic light on Sepulveda and Mariposa don’t know is that the unassuming commuter hotel is a nationally known hot spot for sexy, soulful West Coast Swing dancing.

Womb Service: Octomom the Musical


The slim, perky brunette wiggles her hips and belts lyrics fromThe Drowsy Chaperone for writer-director Christian Voltaire, as he grins and applauds during an April audition at bang Comedy Theatre in L.A’s Fairfax district.

One for the Books


When Mikhail Avrekh, a recent transplant to Connecticut from the Bay Area, wants to find a kindred spirit, he simply looks for the spiral logo. To the Cal alum and Yale comp-lit graduate student, the Timbuk2 messenger bag that bears it has proven the equivalent of a secret Northern California handshake.

Yellowcard at the Greek: A Day-After Show Review


Somewhere in the miasma of 2000s pop-punk, Jacksonville’s Yellowcardshot to fame. When the band played UC Berkeley on Saturday, it showed it has no intention of dismounting the rocket. With a combination of anthemic lyrics, a charismatic frontman, and a violinist(!) who is more like a stealth secret weapon, Yellowcard delighted its small audience of mostly Asian Cal students.

Review: Bay Area Virtuoso Jazz Guitarist Will Bernard

bernardphotoWill Bernard has the kind of local boy sensibility that keeps his graying but enthusiastic fan base coming out to his gigs, which feel like a reunion of sorts. Bernanrd, a Berkeley High and Cal alum, counts everything from the Beatles to A Tribe Called Quest among his influences and spins sonic voodoo from bits of funk, classical, blues, and everything in between.

Triathlons on Steroids


Cynthia Royer stared up the face of a mountain that was threatening to end her marriage. Every muscle in her body was reprimanding her for spending twelve hours going uphill on a mountain bike in 104-degree weather.

Marriage and Grad School: Tips to Help Make it Through

money_career_grad_1111As a couple, you’re ecstatic. One of you slogged through exam preparation, endless essays, formidable forms and now there’s finally an acceptance letter in the mail. But what should you anticipate when one of you is starting graduate school? Beginning work on a new degree can have a significant impact on your marriage.

Obtaining an assault rifle should be as difficult as becoming a doctor


Not everyone can treat patients legally, and not everyone can hold a person’s life and future in their hands. That’s why we have medical schools and licensure fees and exams and state medical boards-to keep quacks and charlatans from hanging out a shingle. In America, though, we permit just about anyone to accumulate lethal weapons–like the AR-15 assault rifle responsible for so many mass shootings–with the power to end many people’s lives.