Debbie Reynolds’ death was another missed opportunity for the media to talk about strokes


Right after actress Carrie Fisher died of cardiac causes in Los Angeles, the news tickers and celebrity gossips sites crackled again.

Surviving the Match


Every year on the third Monday in March, medical school deans across the nation warn their senior students to stay alert for a pager call. Worse than a late-night code blue, that ring, if it comes, portends terrible news.

Docs seek balance between tech advances, patient empathy


Medicine is going through growing and shrinking pains at the same time. Conferences like MedX illuminate where we are falling short with our patients and where opportunities for change exist.

Why electronic medical records are a disaster for some docs


One big reason doctors and hospitals have adopted EHRs is money. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 authorized Medicare to pay sizable annual payouts – up to $18,000 in the first year – to doctors who start using EHR systems.