Walking out of the ICU: Dr. X, Patient Safety, and the Battle Between Coronavirus Common Sense and the Hospital Bottom Line

As American hospitals struggle to admit waves of coughing, feverish patients to medical wards and intensive care units, physicians are finding themselves at war with the competing interests of other hospital employees.

Chiropractic Danger


Strokes are devastating. It is important to evaluate how much you trust your chiropractor and if that’s really the treatment you want before making that appointment.

Tech companies want to change how we check in at the doctor’s office


With computers and iPhones managing every detail of our daily lives, eliminating Rolodexes, paper maps, letters, and CD players, the lack of technology in some aspects of health care is puzzling.

Healthy traveling is happy traveling


Wintertime means the joyous anticipation of time off school or work, and trips near and far to visit relatives or bask in the Hawaii sunshine. Unfortunately, winter vacation can also bring colds, strep throat or food poisoning. Here are three tips to have a terrific time while avoiding trips to urgent care.

Flying the friendly skies while navigating the challenges of eating gluten-free


These days the word gluten-free is everywhere, from the grocery store aisles to restaurant menus to morning talk shows. The growing prevalence of people suffering from gluten-related disorders has even spurred a group of 15 experts to propose a new classification system for such conditions, as recently reported by the Wall Street Journal.

X-Ray Selfies and Uber-Docs: A Glimpse of Medicine’s (Near) Future


Dr. Eric Topol wants patients to own their own health data.

The tech-loving cardiologist-turned-genomics professor from the Scripps Translational Science Institute in La Jolla, CA has been popping up a lot lately, in op-eds and at health technology conferences.

In his keynote address to the fifth annual Stanford Medicine X conference (or “MedX”), his message remained clear: technology can and should radically change how medicine is practiced, and medical records shall be sequestered no more.

Unhealthy Air, Unhealthy lungs, Unhealthy Communities

457867000Image via CityMetric.com

Low-income individuals are also often less equipped to adapt to climate stressors. Urban communities of color often have reduced access to alternate housing, food, water, cooling, or transportation in the event of a weather emergency.

A Little Bit of Diabetes


The Indian party was in full swing. The ladies gossiped in the kitchen and rolled dough, and the men smoked and sipped whiskey in the den. One of our ‘uncles’ popped a second gulab jamun sweet in his mouth, prompting a raised eyebrow from one of the doctors in attendance.