Obtaining an assault rifle should be as difficult as becoming a doctor


Not everyone can treat patients legally, and not everyone can hold a person’s life and future in their hands. That’s why we have medical schools and licensure fees and exams and state medical boards-to keep quacks and charlatans from hanging out a shingle. In America, though, we permit just about anyone to accumulate lethal weapons–like the AR-15 assault rifle responsible for so many mass shootings–with the power to end many people’s lives.

What Causes Autism?

20151201WhatIsAutism-844-2Image via SpectrumNews.org

Autism’s sinister attack on children that start out appearing healthy, even precocious, is one of the most devastating trials a parent can endure. Fluent speech degenerates to monosyllables. Creative play becomes hand-flapping and repeated purposeless motion. Children react with the same indifference to strangers and loving parents.