How to Work with a Recruiter to Find a Job

In your second or third year of residency or fellowship, your smartphone will suddenly start buzzing at all hours of the work day. When you answer, a hyperactive-sounding millennial will chirp at warp speed: “HiDr[yourname]! IjustwantedtoknowyouravailabilitycauseIhaveanamazingopportunity60milesfromChattanooga….”

10 Things To Do If You Did Not Match Into A Residency Position


Medical students who did not match into a residency position have a difficult, stressful, and uncertain time period ahead of them, thanks to overzealous funding of new medical schools, an influx of international medical graduates and specialty-switchers competing for positions, and above all a shortage of government-funded training positions.

Here are ten things to do for students in this position.

How to Find a Financial Advisor (And Why You Need One)


Financial advisors and wealth managers are not just for rich people or for investing in llama futures and bitcoin loan sharks. Health professionals have complicated financial lives. Huge debts, job search expenses, salary negotiations, moving costs, nanny salaries, high rents and mortgages near the medical center, wedding expenses, and even unforeseen costs like car accidents can make investing and saving for retirement seem decades away, but a wise planner can be a great resource while a veterinarian or anesthesiologist concentrates on her practice. Good financial planners excel at calming their clients down, getting clients sorted out with insurance policies (that they actually need), and making savvy decisions for the future. How does one find that person who is a walking Wall Street Journal/therapist?

Happy Thanksgiving: Setting and Maintaining Family Boundaries [Especially for Asian and South Asian Families]


Boundaries, according to Raymond Richmond, a psychologist in San Francisco, are conscious and healthy ways to protect oneself from emotional harm. When people establish boundaries, the second parties in the relationships have a clear roadmap and guidelines for productive communication.

Debbie Reynolds’ death was another missed opportunity for the media to talk about strokes


Right after actress Carrie Fisher died of cardiac causes in Los Angeles, the news tickers and celebrity gossips sites crackled again.

Could Marijuana Help Our Health in 2017?


Now that half the country is able to legally smoke marijuana to treat their ailments, does that mean it’s time for you to finally consider it yourself? A hard look at the actual evidence for marijuana as a viable medical treatment for epilepsy and other diseases.

Chiropractic Danger


Strokes are devastating. It is important to evaluate how much you trust your chiropractor and if that’s really the treatment you want before making that appointment.

What This is Us Star Chrissy Metz’s Weight-loss Clause Means

This Is Us - Season 1

This Is Us actress Chrissy Metz revealed last week that her contract for the show stipulates that she must lose weight gradually over the TV season as part of her character’s arc. Currently morbidly obese and playing a personal assistant with self-esteem struggles, Metz said she sees the requirement as a positive.

Flying the friendly skies while navigating the challenges of eating gluten-free


These days the word gluten-free is everywhere, from the grocery store aisles to restaurant menus to morning talk shows. The growing prevalence of people suffering from gluten-related disorders has even spurred a group of 15 experts to propose a new classification system for such conditions, as recently reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Loan Repayment Programs Could Work Far Better for Both Docs and Underserved Patients

Dr. Rishi Manchanda, who worked at a South Los Angeles clinic while in a government student loan repayment program, had just finished speaking about his career. A worried-looking medical student in the audience stepped up to the microphone during the Q&A.

“Other than these loan repayment programs, what can be done about the financial burden for primary care doctors?” she asked, referring to programs that pay down some of doctors’ medical school loans in exchange for practicing in underserved areas.

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New Stem Cell Breakthrough Avoids Destroying Human Embryos

Stem cell researchers may have taken the first steps toward conducting stem cell research without having to take the controversial step of destroying human embryos. If the results can be replicated in human cells, the development could one day silence the arguments of those opposed to embryonic stem cell research on the basis that it violates the sanctity of human life.

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