Chiropractic Danger


Strokes are devastating. It is important to evaluate how much you trust your chiropractor and if that’s really the treatment you want before making that appointment.

Surviving the Match


Every year on the third Monday in March, medical school deans across the nation warn their senior students to stay alert for a pager call. Worse than a late-night code blue, that ring, if it comes, portends terrible news.

Healthy traveling is happy traveling


Wintertime means the joyous anticipation of time off school or work, and trips near and far to visit relatives or bask in the Hawaii sunshine. Unfortunately, winter vacation can also bring colds, strep throat or food poisoning. Here are three tips to have a terrific time while avoiding trips to urgent care.

Unhealthy Air, Unhealthy lungs, Unhealthy Communities

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Low-income individuals are also often less equipped to adapt to climate stressors. Urban communities of color often have reduced access to alternate housing, food, water, cooling, or transportation in the event of a weather emergency.