“This is a superb primer on nutritional minerals for laypeople. The contributors to the book, Drs. De, Gliederer, Jose and Ms. Stephenson-Laws do a wonderful service in explaining the importance of nutritional minerals for human health and longevity. This is a well written researched introduction to a neglected area of nutrition, minerals, backed by many years of clinical experience and medical research.”

“If good health is your priority, don’t reach for prescription medication to simply mask your imbalance. Read Minerals: The Forgotten Nutrient and get a good game plan on how mineral supplementation can improve your health.”

I started reading this new book, Minerals, The Forgotten Nutrient, and I didn’t even make it past chapter two before I started texting friends with health issues screenshots of this book.

Loaded with information about how minerals work in your body, this book is something everyone needs to read, especially doctors!

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